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Why You Should Learn Social Media Marketing

Do you know how many people are on Facebook as of the first quarter of 2020? Facebook have 2.45 billion monthly active users. on a go, 28.1 billion people log on to Facebook and Zuckerberg said that means one in seven people on earth who is not on Facebook typically has an account on at least another social media site it’s clear that social media is a huge dynamic part of modern life for you as an entrepreneur it is an opportunity for your business to enter the lives of billions of people and improve your company’s reputation and results but let’s see the various opportunities offered by social media.

Through social media you can share valuable content to grab the attention of potential customers and give them a reason to give you their contact information be it an email address phone number their mailing address or any other useful information you might need once it’s captured the lead, you need to take action to make sure the potential customer becomes an actual customer

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Obviously you can expand your reach it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for customers that are from the other side of the world, you have no boundaries on social media you can obtain incredible visibility and awareness for your brand products or services with targeted customers you can also investigate customer preferences people talk on social media this means you have the chance to listen to what they say if you listen carefully you can get valuable first-hand insight into their preferences,  problems,

by being active on social media you can optimize your time and resources and easily deal with a complaint or support queries openly and honestly. You engage with potential customers and showcase what your business is about. your potential customers get to see an inside view of your business. it’s a free medium to attract new customers and build a tribe that would help you attract more customers.

The Strongest Social Media Platforms for Marketing

With lots of years and experience using social media for marketing, we at Odigital Academy have noticed that each platform have their peculiarities and strengths, and the marketing strategy for each platform should be different. Instagram seems to be leading the pack and taking engagements from Facebook. but Facebook is still a strong place to build a loyal community with billions of active users monthly but Engagement level seems to be harder to come by right now as people gravitate to more visual focused social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube where people spend more time due to high amount of visual content, its easy to get more engagement on Instagram with viral contents.

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Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

We will Teach You Customized Social Media Marketing Strategy

At Odigital Academy, we are committed to teaching you the best social media marketing strategy. we believe in winning and we want to help your business win. we have invested years in research brand building.

We would teach you a customized social media marketing strategy that meets the need of your individual business, or your client’s business. you would never need to scramble after going through our course as we teach with live scenarios and live Ad accounts to help students acclimatize with the different social media platforms.

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Bespoke Marketing Plans

We’d love to share our knowledge and experience With You

Our coaches at odigital Academy have helped top brands built a very strong online presence. with over 10 years of cumulative digital marketing experience and over 5 years of hands-on social media marketing experience,

we would love to share our vast knowledge and experience with you. our courses are tailor-made just for small business owners and young people looking to build a career in digital marketing with an emphasis on social media marketing.

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What You Will Learn

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Facebook marketing

you will learn the fundamentals of Facebook marketing and how to build a brand, community, and following on Facebook.

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Instagram marketing

Instagram is the current rave, we will teach you how to leverage this trend to increase your customers and get more sales

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Social media content calendar

writing content for social media can be cumbersome, we will teach you how to create calendars and schedule social media posts

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How to run ads on social media

In our social medial marketing course, we will teach you how to run Ads on different social media platforms and maximize your Ads budget to get the highest return on Ad spend

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