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To win at Facebook marketing, there are laws every small business that wants to build a brand on Facebook must be following.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the better part of the last 12 years, then you’ll most certainly have heard of Facebook.

It’s silly to even suggest that anyone with access to a mobile device and internet over that period hasn’t heard of Facebook. Alright, we’ll assume you’re a schoolmate of Fred Flintstone or you’ve been lost in space all this while and introduce you to Facebook.

Facebook is a rocking hot social networking site that seems to be almost everywhere today; on the news, radio, and definitely on the minds of millions of folks every single day. In fact, Facebook is so popular that over 2.5 billion people are active on this site!

According to statista

So, you may be asking, “Facebook marketing laws? Why not just leverage on the wide reach of this amazing social networking site and promote my brand and products to as many Toms, Dicks and Harrys available on the site?”

Yes, there are laws (or guidelines as you may choose to call them) for marketing and business success on Facebook. Generally, there are marketing laws that marketers and business professionals must follow if they are going to have success in the online marketplace, and Facebook is no different. Let’s get to these Facebook marketing laws, shall we?

Law 1: The Facebook Marketing Law of Visibility

You MUST be visible on Facebook for you to get your message out. You must spend time on Facebook and interact with people. You must piece together a “Facebook blueprint” and work it. How much time per week are you going to be seen on Facebook? How many friends are you going to make on the platform per week? How many photos will you upload per week? All of these put you in Facebook’s ‘Visibility Zone.’ You must be SEEN and be THERE daily.

Your facebook marketing strategy would be wrong if you aren’t working on increasing your visibility and feeding the facebook algorithm what it needs to make your page more visible.

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2: The Facebook Marketing Law of the Powerful Profile

One of the first things people check out is your Facebook profile. What does it say, or more importantly, what does it DO? Does it make people curious and want to get to know you? Does it make them think or smile? Most importantly, does it reflect that you can offer real value to them? The best Facebook profiles aren’t based on what is said, but what they DO and this is important for Facebook marketing. Does your Facebook profile direct people to DO something? Does it tell them you are someone they must know? Sell yourself and tell the world WHY they must have you as a friend, and get them to take action towards YOU.

Now without a compelling facebook profile, your facebook marketing strategy would be hanging by the threads as your facebook profile is your identity card and business card on facebook. so if you have a serious facebook marketing plan then your profile needs to be solid

3: The Law of the Facebook WALL

You MUST use your Facebook Wall as your Facebook marketing billboard and pass your message. in fact, this is where you should concentrate most of your energy while building your Facebook marketing process. your Facebook wall isn’t just a communication utility, you have your email for that. The Wall is for you to build your brand on Facebook, message by message, picture by picture, video by video, and note after note.

Every time something happens with you, let it go on your Wall. Don’t stare at the wall, make your message the PEAK of the page and keep yourself available on the Wall. Answer the messages on your Wall and thank people for sharing with you. This will set you apart on Facebook. Use your Wall often and wisely.

4: The Law of Your Facebook Network

You are part of a local Facebook network and you have access to that network in order to befriend them. There are thousands of people in your local Facebook network (your local area or city) that you could potentially meet “Live” in a local place and get to know them and connect with them. How can you find your local network?

  • Step 1: Simply type the name of your city in the search bar at the top of the Facebook homepage. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Step 2: Click the link at the bottom of the menu that reads “See all results for [city name].”
  • Step 3: Click on the People tab at the top of the page and use the filter options at the left sidebar to filter people by your location. This would limit the list to only those who have your city listed as their current location.

This is a treasure chest of people in your local area you could connect with and build bridges that may lead to business in the future. Sure, making connections with strangers on Facebook can be tough, as some users are hesitant to share their info with people they don’t know, however, some others are open to meeting new people and making connections and may respond well to a friendly message from you. 

5: The Law of Facebook Notifications

Facebook notifications are an often-overlooked and rarely talked about utility. Whenever anyone is thinking about you, talking about you, including you in tags, and generally pointing to you, it shows up as a Facebook notification. Pay attention to the Facebook notifications.

Thank people for their thoughts of you on their Wall and let them know you appreciate it. Include them as well on your tags and other activity on Facebook. Facebook notifications are gold and is a prospecting vault of leads. Make sure you connect and stay connected to those that show up on your Facebook notifications.

6: The Law of Facebook Link Love

The Link application on Facebook is a HOT commodity. It allows you to post a link to some web content that you like and then send it out on the news feed that is on your home page. It picks up the image that you want on the link page and allows it to be a LIVE link. Send out links to other people’s content, rather than just your content or website, and show them some LOVE.

Find interesting links of other people or businesses and send them out. Do NOT just send out your links. Let others do that. Why? It offers you more exposure. You will be given credit for the links of others you share, and if you send out a LOT of other people’s links on Facebook, they will start sending out YOUR links. We’ve been there and done that.

7: The Law of Facebook Groups

To Make your Facebook marketing work, you have to Join groups, join lots of Groups, start your own groups, then join more groups! Why would I want to do this? you may ask, here are a number of reasons:

  1. Exposure
  2. Connection– to other Group members
  3. Authority– by starting your own group, you automatically become a Leader.
  4.  Reach– groups extend your reach into Facebook.
  5. Multiplied Prospects– there are more people in a group than on a profile page.

Hey, build your own group and send messages of value and interest, and you most likely would be nurturing a community of loyal customers.

8: The Law of Facebook Events

Attend events, attend more events, and then attend many more events after those. This allows you to leave a message on the events page wall, and create exposure. Attend at least 2 Facebook events every week- to learn- and to network. Events can be found on the Facebook homepage on the left sidebar. Birthdays also appear under events and you can send presents to folks.

This will get their attention as it would show up on their wall and newsfeed. Attend as many events as you can, and learn and grow from them. Ensure you always leave an RSVP message about attending or not- with an encouraging message. This reflects professionalism and caring. Events are a goldmine of new business possibilities. Become a master of events!

9: The Law of Facebook Multimedia- Videos and Photos

Photos and videos are the most looked at and watched pages on Facebook. People love photos and videos. So, make some videos and upload them, upload photographs as well. They will not only be seen on your wall and the Facebook newsfeed but will also allow you “tag” others. This means you can pick out people from your friends and let them know you are thinking of them. When you tag people, it shows up on their wall. It is called EXPOSURE!

10: The Law of the Facebook NEWS FEED

The Facebook newsfeed is the biggest means of exposure on Facebook. The Facebook newsfeed gets you out to ALL of your friends and creates a massive exposure vehicle that can keep your brand in front and recognized. Whatever you do, like change your status, upload a video, write and publish a note, or just comment on another person’s message on the Facebook newsfeed, it SHOWS UP in the newsfeed. You need to be seen often if you’re trying to promote your brand on Facebook.

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