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About Us

behind the scenes at Odigital Academy

About Odigital Academy

Odigital Academy is Nigeria’s fastest-growing digital learning institute, we are on a mission to DOUBLE the size of 20,000 businesses and train students, graduate or unemployed that will be passionate about digital marketing in the next 5 years

Our team have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and online selling across different industries in Nigeria. we have mentored over 1347 people both in Nigeria and Oversea.

Being ahead of the curve in our industry is important to us, so we work to keep ourselves and our students fresh on all of the latest best practices.

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We Are Odigital

When it comes to continuous education in digital marketing, we want those that we will be training to also have as many options as possible. to succeed as business owners or by offering digital marketing service to business owners


We will provide learning opportunities that will fit into virtually any stage of your life or career. Whether you’re looking to switch jobs, broaden your skill set, or start a new venture, all our courses will help you build your knowledge for professional and personal growth.


We offer a variety of certificate programs and individual courses for professional advancement, skill-building, and/or academic credit. Training to be conducted by prominent Industry practitioners The entrepreneurial program’, enabling students to achieve extensive mastery in a respective aspect of digital marketing and monetize the skills learnt.
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We stop at nothing

To Empower students  by providing them with the 21st Century Digital marketing learning tools to build MSME business and thrive;

We Love To Explore​

By Providing technology equity to students by providing meaningful access to learning technology resources for students who aspire to either launch a digital career or advance their knowledge base

We are Ready

To Prepare students for the workplace of the 21st Century, and thereby enhancing local economic development by creating a technologically-literate graduating workforce

We Are Practical

We Provide real-life learning case studies for students to practise with, giving them a taste of real-life situations and the ability for them to practice digital marketing best practices and monetize it.