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Wouldn’t it be nice to know what SEO And how search engine optimization will enhance your business

Search engine optimization which is generally referred to as SEO is simply put as a way of creating contents that tend to give your presence online purpose and be more target audience driven based on what people are generally searching for online which gives your brand, business or practice a better chance of ranking higher on search engines.

The trick is usually to first make the business website highly responsive and user-friendly. Then going ahead to produce and post only high-quality content. For these contents to help push your website to the top of a search engine result, they must contain chosen and purposeful keywords inline with your niche. The keywords must not only be of high quality, but they must also be highly relevant.

The process of optimizing a business for a search engine may prove a little challenging, yet the benefits that accrue from owning an optimized website as well as churning out optimized contents more than compensates for the small troubles.

Carefully described below are some of the greatest things you may not know that SEO would do your small business.



The end goal of every smart business owner is to have satisfied customers, always. The rationale behind this is obvious; a satisfied customer is a loyal customer who would be more than happy to bring you more customers. Hence many businesses spend a lot of time and energy trying to ensure this customer satisfaction.

On-page SEO is one of the ways to make your customer’s experience on your website very fulfilling and hitch-free. Because with this properly done, all links, backlinks, and in-links on the site are easily accessible and serve as roadmaps back to the customers’ start point.

When you make your website optimized for SEO, it becomes robust, fast and highly responsive. Customers come on your website, browse around and go out without experiencing any hitches.

As simple as this may sound, it is one of the reasons most businesses fail while trying to sell online. If your customers and potential customers can not browse through your business website with ease, then you will be losing more customers than you may want to count.

SEO helps your website become more user-friendly. And when users are happy they are more than likely to make purchases which is what you really want, right?



Websites that rank higher on search engine result pages also known as SERPs usually tend to get better and higher clicks than websites that appear lower or on any other page. And usually, more clicks means more sales.

With SEO, users don’t just randomly stumble onto your website. They search for keywords or terms related to your business and when your website appears higher on the first page of the search result, there is a higher chance that they will click on your website. The importance of this is that those clicks are usually genuine and of high quality.

Hence, optimizing your website for SEO can be a great way to make more genuine clicks and increase sales.

Let me let you in on a little secret…

You can be a small and new business and still rank higher than older and larger corporations. All you need to do is optimize both your website and content for SEO.

How’s this possible?

In reality, search engine optimization literally points to the fact that search engines go in search of websites that have written content with keywords that online searchers on Google, Bing, and others are looking for. But most particularly, those contents that offer thorough and detailed information about the keyword being searched.

Here’s a fact that might inspire you to be more interested in SEO. According to a recent release by Google, 92% of web users don’t go beyond the first page of a search engine result. What that means is that if you are not on the first page, to 92% of the people that go searching on Google, you are not on the internet at all.

Does that make sense?



This is obviously a no-brainer. An optimized website guarantees more clicks and more clicks mean more traffic to your website.

If you have plans to succeed and grow online then traffic (Paid and Organic) is that one element you can’t take for granted. You can measure your ROI by how much traffic your website is getting. This means that if you have invested any money in growing your business online, then you should be looking out for the influx of users into your website. And one of the surest ways to increase those spikes on your website is to ensure that your website, as well as the content you post about, is fully optimized for SEO.

Businesses that record more traffic are businesses that are recorded to be more successful. The logic is very straightforward; you optimized your website to rank for carefully selected keywords that align with your niche and what your audience is already searching for, you get more traffic which leads to more sales and consequently your business continues to grow.

And lastly, since the website is open 24/7 you can be sure you will never stop getting customers. Your website is your store that never closes, while a well-optimized website is that which constantly draws targeted attention of online searchers based on the search engine optimization standards it possesses so people can see it and easily access it, its products and services.



Brand recognition is said to become registered in the human mind which has encountered an average 7 times. Hence the need for any purpose/goal-driven business to strive for the top position on the search engine result pages (SERPS). 

Businesses do whatever it takes to secure the trust of customers. And users mostly trust only businesses that can search and find online. When they can trust you enough, they can move from mere users to paying customers. This crucial type of customer-brand relationship starts when they can find you online but is considered to be stronger if they can find you higher up and on the first page of a search engine result.

This is why businesses invest in SEO to seal a safe spot higher on a SERP. Your competition already knows about this tactic and are taking advantage of it. If you take advantage of SEO, you can relax and watch your business grow too as more people will begin to trust your brand enough to want to do business with you.



The ultimate goal of every business is to make more sales. To make more sales, you must improve the rate at which users are converted to customers. And to achieve this, you need SEO.

Content marketing can never be complete without the complimentary services SEO offers it when it comes to writing content for online consumption.

Optimizing your website makes it possible for users to interact smoothly with its interface and then make a decision quickly and with less inner debate.

Every user who searches for a keyword related to your business should be considered a potential customer. Although SEO allows them to see you more easily as you would be ranking very high on the SERP, the work of SEO doesn’t stop there. After the users navigate into your website, it is still a good SEO practice that makes it easy for them to check out all your products or services. That’s not all, if you have done a great job with your SEO, the user will find no trouble making the purchase.

So, the faster and easier the conversion rates, the more the sales and the more your business grows. Your potential customers don’t have to know that you have closed for that day. SEO makes certain of that.



By helping you appear higher on a search page, SEO gives you that rare opportunity to shine thus building your page authority and ranking. Your brand becomes more popular, the more people can see it on a SERP the more online users become more aware of your brand and your authority grows each time they can see you come up whenever they run a search. This is one way that SEO helps you increase your brand awareness.

The other way is that a fine SEO campaign involves the use of many relevant and high-quality keywords. So when it is done right, users will always see your brand whenever they search for different keywords that are related to your business. This is brand awareness at it’s finest.

This is really not that hard; for people to know that your brand exists, they have to see you online. And for them to consider doing business with you, they must see that you rank very high. The more they see you, the more sales you make at the end of the day. And all of these can only be made possible with search engine optimization. It is that simple.



Every business must have a niche. The niche is usually industry or a market where the business belongs to. Businesses are classified by their different industries to make it easy for users to identify. Each industry contains thousands and millions of businesses with similar ideas, products or services. Hence the need for individual identity.

For your business to stand out and excel even in the midst of many businesses like it, you need to cultivate an identity for your brand. When your brand lacks an identity it is always hard for customers to tell it apart from a similar brand and therefore may find no reason to patronize you.

But using proper SEO, you can cultivate and give your brand a uniqueness that will compel buyers to come after you every time. And the stronger this brand identity, the easier it will be for them to find you and remember you. Not only will they be buying from you, but they will also be spreading the word about this awesome brand. 

And we both know the power of “word of Mouth” Marketing?.

A solid brand identity equals loyal customers and loyal customers equal more sales which is exactly what you need.



It has been reported that, worldwide, over 543,000 new businesses spring up every month. Chances are a good number of those who will be in a competition to get the same customers you are trying to get. That is, every new month your business has to deal with hundreds of new competition.

Interestingly, businesses that fizzle out every month are more than those that spring up. Meaning even though thousands of people come up every month to start a business, many of them don’t have any idea how to sustain and grow. Hence their businesses die out in no time.

Now that the traditional methods of marketing are gradually fading away, the most effective way to sell is to sell online. And the best way to sell online is to give attendance to SEO. When properly done, it will enhance your business.

SEO can keep your business ahead while others are coming up and keep you going even while others are folding up. Your smart competitions already know this and are probably already running fantastic SEO campaigns.

You can start a better one today. 



The things SEO can do and would do for your business cannot be expended in a single article. But we are hoping that the 8 important things described above would fuel you with enough inspiration to get started today.

Let us do a little recap of what we have said so far.


First, ensure you have a business website. We cannot stress that enough as an online presence is what would determine the rate at which your business will grow.

Secondly, make sure the website is well optimized for SEO. There is no need to develop a website that won’t do your business any good.

And lastly, always ensure that you post only optimized contents as well. This is important if you really want to seal your place in the heart of the many buyers and keep the sales coming in.

Finally, no one is saying this would be easy as nothing good ever comes easy. You would need to put in some energy and time or some investing in a great SEO company but when the results begin to pile up, you can be sure you will forget how much exactly you invested.


Now that you know how search engine optimization SEO will enhance your business, engage a company like odigital to optimize your website so you can start getting traffic for free



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