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First, before we talk about the marketing strategy(s)  you need to win on social media, let’s know some facts about social media and social media marketing. There are about 3.48 billion people currently using the various platforms collectively referred to as social media. That is about 45% of the world’s population. This figure increased by about 9% from the previous year. That is to say, about 366 million new users joined social media in the space of one year. To put that in simple terms, we can say about 1 million people join social media every single day. And the most beautiful thing about all of these is that the number is likely to keep increasing as more and more people are now having access to mobile devices worldwide.

Odigital social media marketing

So, why is the information important to you as a business owner?


Think about it this way. If there are that many people on social media, does that not mean that your audience and customers are there as well? So it begs the question, how do you market your product or service to those in need of what you’re offering? What marketing strategy should you use?


Social media is a sure way for any business to grow. Whether it is to reach more customers, create brand exposure or simply increase sales. Social media offers businesses more opportunities than you can afford to overlook.


However, there are businesses, countless businesses that have failed to benefit much from social media even after investing time and a huge amount of energy into it. As we step into the 21st century, your marketing strategy needs to include a social media strategy


Does this mean that social media marketing does not really work? The simple answer is “NO”.


At least 95% of businesses have reported improvement in their businesses after employing social media as part of their marketing strategy. The only reason why it does not work for a few others is that they went about it all wrong.


In today’s world of rapidly changing customer behaviour, carelessly throwing things around on social media would not give you the right results, if it gives you any at all.


It is imperative to know what social media marketing strategy will work as well as how best to deploy them to grow your business.


It is to this end that we have put together these 10 amazing social media marketing strategies that can grow your business today.

Odigital Martketing strategy


There are various social media platforms and the most common ones include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. All of these platforms can be used differently but to accomplish the same goal to grow your business.


It might also interest you to know that there is no one marketing strategy that can be used on all platforms. You need to, therefore, be able to develop different strategies for different platforms.


Of course, you cannot possibly use all the available social media. Not that you can’t, but ​it is not advisable.​


You need to first know on which of the social media platforms your target audience spend most of their time. Using demographics such as sex and age, you can easily pick at least 3 social media platforms where your customers are and then formulate different marketing strategies for the different social media you must have picked.


Focusing on only the places where your customers can be found ensures that you save your energy and time and is considered to be more effective. While having a particular marketing strategy for a particular platform ensures that you are reaching your audience at the right time and in the best possible way.




“Content Is King”


The first thing you need to keep in mind while developing contents to use on social media is to ensure that you have your customers and target audience in mind. Ensure that whatever you are dishing out every time is designed to solve a particular problem or offer them some form of value.


“People don’t really want to be sold to on social media​”


But when your content has offered a solution to a problem with good use of storytelling and most times no CTA, it can subtly compel your audience to interact with your brand and make purchases over and over again. The key is in knowing your audience and using proper storytelling to develop a content that is for them and them alone.


You also need to know that great contents without consistency won’t do your business any good. If you intend to use social media as a top marketing tool to grow your business then you should be ready not only to give the best content but to give it frequently. Make a schedule of the best time to post on the social media platforms you are focusing on and post when you need to post. It is the wonderful contents followed by the consistency that makes the audience loyal to your brand and then grows your business.


“Click here to learn about top platforms where you can schedule social media posts”


You may also consider using some ​user-generated contents.​ These are contents created by your audience.


When you obtain and post these with the consent of the user, you make the work easier for yourself while the user feels recognized and gains exposure. As other users perceive you doing this more often, they become even more loyal to your brand which can only translate into business growth.



Another wonderful Social media marketing strategy you can’t afford to ignore is giving your customers great customer service. According to a recent research report by J.D Power, ​67% of customers turn to social media for customer service​. That is to say, they use social media for any questions or concerns they may have about your brand. The research also says that ​66% of customers cease doing business with a brand after a poor social media customer service experience​.

For you as a business owner trying to grow his or her business in Nigeria, what this means is that if customers are running to social media to lay their complaint or concerns then you must be there;


    1. to welcome them and treat their every concern with politeness and complete humility.
    2.   Never respond rudely to a question, even if it is an insult to your brand.
    3. Treat every customer like he or she is your only customer and answer their questions with care.


“In the end, not only do you get to retain such customers, but you also gain more customers from those who saw how you interacted with the customer”



This strategy is often called ​Social Listening​. And it’s a reason why most businesses grow or fail with social media.

Listening to your customers and audience is the only way to understand how they are perceiving your brand and making the necessary adjustments to better your business following the negative things you hear while doing more of the positive things you hear about your business is one of the surest ways to grow.

Make it a point of duty to always get feedback. Large corporations understand the power behind this marketing strategy and you will find them doing a routine survey on social media. The results from these surveys are then filtered and used to improve their businesses.

Now that you know this, begin by engaging your audience and finding out what they think about certain aspects of your business or certain services you offer. The more you fine-tune your business using the different results of social listening, the more customer-oriented your business becomes and consequently the bigger and faster it grows.





Using social media to grow your business can be free. You only need to sign on to a social media platform, dish out great contents consistently and watch your business expand and grow. But you don’t have to limit yourself to doing just this. You can also take advantage of the paid form of social media marketing. When you do this, you get a chance to reach a wider audience which means you would get more customers than when using just the organic Marketing strategy.

Click here to learn how to run a digital marketing campaign in Nigeria right spending any money

An interesting fact about paid social media marketing is that it can never be as expensive as the traditional way of marketing such as running ads on television, radio or through print ads.


So, growing your business on social media can be free and even when it requires some form of payment, it is still relatively cheap compared to what we used to know.





Using social media as part of your marketing strategy to grow your businesses has so far shown itself to be a dynamic process. And recently a new strategy that has proven to be very effective and which you must also try is the use of live videos.


Unlike polished and edited videos, live videos are raw and tend to give the audience a feel of your “humanness”. Research has shown that a user is more likely to feel connected to you and your brand after viewing your live videos than after watching an edited one.


You could prepare a personal story, a Q & A or an interview segment and go live on social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram tend to give pop-ups which disrupt the user and prompts them to view immediately. Users are also more likely to engage with such videos to demonstrate how socially active they are. The end result is increased exposure, more customers, better sales and a thriving business.




Another marketing strategy for social media that is working well for businesses, especially large corporations is the power of advocacy. When more people associate and affiliate themselves to a brand, that brand gets more social proof and authority.


And social proof on ​social mediasimply means more people will trust that brand leading to more customers and increased sales.”​


It would be great for your business if you take advantage of this. Get your friends, family, staff as well as employees to claim affiliations with your brand.


A business that has many people affiliated with it is a business that has more authority on LinkedIn. So go ahead and test out the power of advocacy today.




Visual contents are easier to understand and digest. Using visual aids ensures that the reader takes one quick look at your post and gets the hang of what you are talking about.


Not only are people becoming more disposed to visual contents, but they also have a ​” short attention span.​


So when you keep giving out contents with no visual aids, you not only make it harder for them to understand you also likely make them ignore your post as their short attention span won’t let them spend a lot of time on your post.


Include this strategy into your plan. Fill your contents with moving images or other graphical illustrations or simply make the post a short and very informative video. This way you can be guaranteed that more people will pay attention to your content and then, eventually, your business.





Good content will never go stale and since social media posting is not a one-off thing, you are allowed to

“reuse the same content on different platforms”.


Recycling contents does not only save you valuable time and energy which you can invest in other aspects of your business, but it also gives you a chance to reach out to potential customers who must have missed the content when you posted it on a different platform.


When you review and discover that your target customers are hanging out at a different social media platform, it would be wise to take valuable and quality contents you had earlier posted on a different platform and post it on the new platform.





Year after year, more businesses tend to grow by working with social media influencers. Influencers are individuals with huge social media following and most times their following is most likely to listen to them than you who they barely know.


When a social media influencer makes a post about your products or services, their followers will likely interact with your brand because they believe that the influencer trusts your brand enough to interact with it.


Simply put, customers react and engage with brands that social media influencers post about. So, go ahead and take advantage of the power of influencer marketing strategy. But this in no way means that you should go about paying any social media influencer you find to make a post about your brand.


First, you need to ensure he or she has a large following. This would allow the post to reach a lot of people at once.


Click Here To Read More About INFLUENCER MARKETING  and how to go about it



Second, you need to be sure the influencer’s following is actually your target audience. When an influencer makes a great post that hits a very large but wrong audience, you might not make any sales which means your return on investment would be zero and you wouldn’t have grown your business any better than it was before the influencers.



Growing your business with social media and social media marketing strategy is very possible. But to do it properly and get the best out of it, you need to put in the work and follow the marketing strategies as described above.

However, you also need to know that ​social media is the fastest-growing entity in the world​ grew even faster than the internet itself. This means if you intend to reap the many benefits it has to offer, then you need to follow it’s quick pace and change and adjust your strategy as time goes on.

Staying in one position and refusing to change is one reason many businesses never get to fly on social media. Don’t allow that to be your case.


Happy growing! 


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