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Practical Digital Marketing Training In Lagos

Odigital Academy is Nigeria’s fastest-growing digital learning institute and Digital Marketing training Academy. we are on a mission to DOUBLE the size of 20,000 businesses and train students, graduate or unemployed in Digital and online marketing skills, the kind of skills needed to dominate in the global economy.


Odigital digital marketing course will equip you with the skills you need to get promoted at work, get a better job either in Nigeria or abroad. upgrade you skill set and gain more corporate confidence
Our Digital marketing course aligns with other qualification frameworks across the globe and prepares you for the top certifications that would make you an authority in digital marketing world wide
our digital marketing course will help you upgrade your business, sell more and make more money. if you want to start a business then the skill will help you greatly to attract customers effortlessly
command a better salary with the skill you will learn from the Odigital Online marketing course. the skill brings confidence to negotiate better salaries
Every module in our curriculum can be monitized. when you complete the Odigital Digital marketing course, you can make more money by simply applying the skills you learnt during the class



Odigital Digital Marketing Course will equip you with the skills you need to get promoted at work, get a better job either in Nigeria or abroad. Upgrade your skill-set and gain more corporate confidence.


Our Digital Marketing Course aligns with other qualification frameworks across the globe and prepares you for the top certifications that would make you an authority in Digital Marketing world wide.


Our Digital Marketing Course will help you upgrade your business, sell more and make more money. If you want to start a business, then this skill will help you greatly to attract customers effortlessly.


Every module in our curriculum can be monitized. When you complete the Odigital Digital Marketing Course, you can make more money by simply applying the skills you learnt during the class.

Odigital Course Module

This Social Media Marketing and management course is a complete module to teach Students how to brand and market your business or manage your client’s social media. Brand them and use the different social media marketing platforms to Advertise and Gain more customers.

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach their target prospects and customers. Your customers are already interacting with brands through social media, and if you’re not speaking directly to your audience through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you’re missing out!

While it may seem overwhelming, its importance cannot be overstated. It’s so important that 97% of marketers are using social media and 78% of salespeople outsell their peers by using social media to promote their businesses.

Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable growth and success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving leads and sales.


This course module will teach you the essentials of Google Adwords. Creating an Ad, Auctions and Bidding strategy, the different types of Ads you can run and keyword research.

Every second, there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and the majority of search result pages include Google ads Paid for by businesses, Google ads is an effective and proven way of driving relevant, Intent based traffic to your website, your ads are placed on search result pages to target people when they are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

You can Grow your business in multiples with Google search, display, youtube and shopping Ads. Get in front of customers when they’re searching for products/services or businesses like yours on Google Search, Maps and the Android play store. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business


This course will teach you how to write high converting email copy to convert a stranger to a business using the proven plan we will share during our training.

You’ll learn wickedly Simple method on how to Creates A Sales Frenzy On Demand With Just A Few Emails… Guaranteed!

At the end of this course, you can apply what you’ve learned with the email marketing tools

The course is a comprehensive Module starting from basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization [SEO] with indept explanation of its importance, advantages and limitations, the various tools needed to optimize

your web pages, getting started with SEO, building various elements of SEO, process for web page optimization, creating SEO titles, knowing how to use keywords, SEO audit, SEO plugins and

It covers step by step, the entire process & methodology for SEO & even takes you through concepts related to analysis of data measurable through the Google Analytics tool & explains  default requirement for learning the concept.


This course has been designed for students who want to have intermediate to advanced Google Analytics skills anyone using the Google analytics tool for their business need to learn the

power of the tool and how to unleash more features for website management.

We will introduce some of the fundamentals of web analytics, the Google Analytics interface, and the key reports.

Audience & audience acquisition report , Social Report and SEO, Conversion Tracking and Report, How to Analyze data from your website

Introduction to Google search Console and Using these knowledge to make better decisions and improve conversions on your website or landing page.

Google Analytics is one of the most used tools for analyzing website traffic data today.

In terms of recruitment, Google analytics is a requirement for many job positions, especially digital marketers.

Whether you are looking to manage your own website, or a large organization’s website, understanding how to use this tool will deliver immense benefits.


In this course you will Learn a content creation framework for producing effective content on a consistent basis.

Content they say is king so Content marketing is a very important digital marketing strategy.

you will learn how to create captivation, honest, transparent, and educational content on a consistent basis for your ideal buyer demographics.

The goal is to use the publication and promotion of content to drive organic website traffic, increase qualified lead generation, and close more deals and increase ROI for your

Create and redirect content that both humans and search engines will love.

Become a better and more strategic content marketer.

Successful content marketers hit all stages of the marketing journey—from start to finish.


Fully Practical Digital Marketing Training In Lagos

Learn digital marketing from Nigeria’s Fastest growing online marketing Company – ODigital

Odigital logo Digital Marketing

Learn Online Marketing From Experts With Proven Track Records

Odigital methodology of teaching is 80% practical and 20% theory because we focus on results and everyone we work with gets a personalized experience and we value our ongoing education and development.

Effective Digital Marketing Training In Lagos

Why Odigital Academy Online Marketing Training is Exclusive

Odigital Free Training Session

Experienced Coaches

At Odigital You will be Coached by highly experienced coaches with over 10 years Digital marketing experiences both as coaches and as Online Marketers.

Fully Practical Course Module

For the Duration Of this digital marketing training, you will not be using slides, rather you will be dealing with real live scenarios in a fully practical class. where live accounts will be used and real live case studies will be examined.

Condusive Learning Environment

You will receive lectures in a very conducive learning environment. you do not need a previous online marketing experience to join this class, you just need to have basic knowledge of computers and the internet and we will make you a digital marketing guru in no time.

Meet our Digital Marketing Trainers

Our team have cracked the Digital marketing code with over 10 years cummulative experience

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Our fully loaded digital marketing course module runs for 6 weeks. this is enough time for our students to start as Rookies and graduate from our course as online marketing experts.

Next Class Date: Call the course manager for scheduling on the next class

Days: Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)

Length: 8 hours per day

Time: 9am – 5pm (Thursdays) & 9am – 5pm (Fridays)

4 weeks of intense practical classes and 2 weeks of mentorship and solving real life problems

Duration: 6 Weeks

Location: 104 Babs Animashaun Street, Surulere, Lagos.

Call Course Manager: 09075561636